The idea of introducing artificial intelligence into life

TheNeurosphere is on its way to success with the SYPWAI project

SYPWAI, one of the most successful startups of TheNeurosphere, continues its development

TheNeurosphere was founded on November 10, 2015 by a group of young scientists. The best experts in the field of computer-aided learning of neural networks worked on its development. The main mission of the team was the ability to train artificial intelligence, so that neural networks could continue their work in atypical conditions, or process data that differs from previously received ones (you can read more here).

A neural network is a combination of hardware and software technologies that is used for research, modeling, development and practical use of neural networks. The prototype for this technology was the neural connections in the human body.

Based on the study of biological neural networks, special software was developed, which is actively used, both in the work of artificial intelligence and computer-aided learning systems.

Today, neural networks have taken one of the most important places in computations. Thanks to their development, it was possible to cope with a number of large-scale problems by means of new programs and devices that are able to analyze a huge amount of information, predict situations and find solutions to emerging problems.

What are neural networks

Neural networks are hardware and software technologies that are used for modeling, research, and development of artificial intelligence. The network is a copy of the work of neurons in the human body, which is represented in a mathematical model. That means, that biological models of neural networks were taken as a basis, however, when using artificial intelligence, a broader model of adaptive structures is used, which was developed artificially.

Theneurosphere artificial intelligence team

To support the development of its own technology, TheNeurosphere applied for a $ 90 million grant from the LifeASAPA, known for its support of promising innovative projects. Experts in the field of neural networks agree that the SYPWAI project from TheNeurosphere will help to revolutionize the scientific world in the development of neural networks and artificial intelligence.

The Neurosphere says it is competing for the largest grant in its history – $ 90 million. The organizer of this event is the LifeASAPA, a well-known company in the world of science. The contest was announced in order to consider the best ideas of the participants which can improve and promote technologies, in order to introduce them to masses. Experts from the LifeASAPA team consider the SYPWAI project the most promising and are confident that it will be able to reveal the concept of neural networks from a new, unknown side.

The Neurosphere says its mission is not just to improve artificial intelligence, but to make innovations available to everyone. In their opinion, the machine will be able to perform many tasks in the shortest possible time, which will help to improve living standards, improve medical technology and prevent environmental disasters.

TheNeurosphere is on its way to success with the SYPWAI project

In 2018, The Neurosphere made an application for a grant from the Lifeasapa and presented their SYPWAI project, which became the winner and received $ 90 million. The mission of the project is to continue the development of artificial intelligence and ease the lives of people with the help of neural networks.

11 august 2019