What is the GCL?

The Global Change Leaders (GCL) is an international community who are creating learning ecosystems – at city, region and country level – that empower every young person to contribute to a better world. We are committed to collaboration and systemic action at every scale.

Change Leaders

are those who take the lead in transforming education silos into learning ecosystems that empower the whole person for the whole world. Change Leaders include pioneering innovators, educators, policymakers, thought leaders, and other influencers. Weavers help Change Leaders align, collaborate and increase systemic impact through a process of building communities & teams; capacity & knowledge; conversations & demand.

Our Vision

is a world of learning ecosystems that empower every young person to live for a better world. We envisage a world in which everyone enjoys learning experiences throughout their lives that develop their full potential as active contributors to our collective wellbeing. Our 10-year aim is: 1 billion more young people living for a better world, empowered in thriving learning ecosystems.

Our Mission

is to weave a global community of Change Leaders who are collaborating to create learning ecosystems that empower every young person to live for a better world. We aim to create thriving learning ecosystems by helping Change Leaders become more aligned, collaborative and systemic.

What we do

The GCL empowers Change Leaders to become more aligned, collaborative and systemic. We recognise the need for Change Leaders to work in teams within and between organisations – forging collaborative intra- and inter-organisational partnerships that have major systemic impact. We build:

  • Communities & teams
  • Capacity & knowledge
  • Conversations & demand
  • Institutional Partnerships that leverage the power of key organisations to catalyse major systemic change
  • Whole-System Prototypes that transform entire cities, districts and countries into empowering learning ecosystems.

Theory of Change

There are 3 billion young people living in an increasingly difficult world – a world of accelerating volatility, complexity and hyperconnectivity – exploding population, migration and automation – and intensifying social, economic and environmental problems.

Our Team

Our core values include Openness, Collaboration and Commitment to Systemic Impact. We love to playfully serve our impact mission through Personal Sustainability, Deep Inquiry and Continual Communal Rejuvenation. The GCL is organised to be lean, nimble, and cost-effective.

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Events: Lyon festival

Events are the lifeblood of our community. The largest ever gathering of Global Change Leaders will be in Lyon, France, from Wednesday 31 January to Saturday 3 February, 2018. The gathering brings together hundreds of Change Leaders from around the world who are at the forefront of transforming education systems and, specifically, building learning ecosystems that empower young people to live for the greater good.

“There has never been a more urgent need for the Global Change Leaders. To create a more equitable, peaceful and sustainable world, everyone needs to be empowered to make a positive contribution. This means we have to develop the whole person – not only academic skills. And that takes whole communities working together to provide empowering learning experiences – not just schools or teachers working in isolation. The GCL is an important and powerful collaborative of Change Leaders doing exactly this – working and learning together to create lasting ecosystemic change in the mechanisms and mindsets that dominate education worldwide.” Andreas Schleicher, Education Director, OECD

“It is almost impossible to have impact in isolation. There is plenty that needs changing in education and The GCL is my opportunity to collaborate with others around the world to gain momentum and shift thinking about schooling.” Jim Knight, The Rt Hon Lord Knight of Weymouth

“The GCL brings together the Change Leaders who can ensure that the young people in their community will have the skills and virtues to be job makers not job seekers.” Anna Hamilton, Change Leader, UK

“To thrive together in the modern world, every young person needs to be empowered to live for the greater good. But education systems are failing to empower young people. Teachers everywhere are trapped in oppressive systems that are narrowly focused on academic testing, strangling the creativity and joy out of students.” Ross Hall, Ashoka Education Director

Laminar structure of the cerebellum, a region involved in movement and proprioception (calculating where your body is in space). We are inspired by the beauty of the mind and body, their complexities and connections. Seeking greater understanding of ourselves, our relationships and our interconnectedness are primal parts of living for the greater good. The body and cognitive experiences weave a tapestry together to create new patterns, strengthening alignment in an ecosystem. With thanks to Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards. ‘Cerebellar Folia’ Raw microetching data from Self Reflected. 2014-2016.